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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Eggs - Essentially Bizarre, Totally Yummy

I want this book.

Eggs are weird, certainly. They fall along the same line as placentas (see my previous post) if you think about it for a couple minutes. But they are so delicious! And so necessary to so many things - cookies, cakes, custards, and for god's sake, breakfast.

I love them - especially the yolks. I also love the beautiful ovoid shape, the colors they come in, and the sound of cracking the shells against the rim of my grandmother's stoneware bowl.

In fact, I really want two chickens so I can have fresh eggs with deep orange centers that actually taste rich and deep, but Smooth Melon grew up on a farm and he hates the very mention of this. I also had a friend suggest that I'd infect my neighborhood with avian flu. Oh, c'mon people. A couple little cluckers = the best omelettes ever.


Blogger cc said...

bird flu is coming regardless. and wild birds that leave their droppings everywhere are going to completely screw the free range chicken industry, so you might as well have your own at home in your coop. they're much more likely to stay healthy.

my two bits, anyway

25/4/06 1:55 PM  
Blogger miss tasty said...

Hear, hear! Thank you, cc, for your endorsement.

25/4/06 2:27 PM  

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