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I chop, I dice, I mix until moistened, I whip to soft peaks, I boil, broil, bake and braise, simmer over medium heat, chill over night ... And of course, there's eating. Tasting, nibbling, chomping, savouring ... I'm a licking-the-bowl-clean, sopping-up-the-sauce, juice-running-down-my-fingers food enthusiast ... Yep. I love food.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is why I love living in Portland

In my fair city, it is almost impossible to not eat seasonally, locally, and organically. I mean, it's practically handed to us on a silver platter (ew, bad pun) for god's sake! For instance, delivered right into my inbox is a weekly farmers market update, telling me what's new (coming up soon - pickling cukes!). And they even tell me about groovy local efforts like this.


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