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Monday, August 28, 2006

BLT = Late Summer Heaven

It's one of those tongue-out, scowling, limp-shouldered hot days. My ankles are giant and my with-child belly mounds up before me and the restless baby kicks make it impossible to rest a book there. So I stare out the window, and wonder what to eat.

Toasted artisan honey wheat bread ... slathered with mayo ... layered with thick slices of tomato (the thin skin giving way easily under the knife and bursting forth with all that summerlong sunshine juiced up to fat, scarlet goodness) ... the chilled crunch of iceberg lettuce ... and a crumbly, salty stack of that smoky porcine wondermeat - bacon.

Oh. More of that, please.


Blogger cc said...

It was a BLT day, huh?? T and I stood eachother up and I wound up at home looking at this beautiful multicolored heirloom.... no lettuce but two layers of sweet tomato, two layers of thick-cut crispy bacon and a little roasted garlic added to the mayo? divine. We should get together and pool our tomato resources before the arrival of miss bump. xoxo

29/8/06 9:39 AM  

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